Deviants e-book from Crossroad Press
Horror Suspense Thriller by Paul Dale Anderson

Mark Wynn is a former homicide detective who lost his job and pension when his family was brutally murdered by serial killer Brian Russell and Mark tracked down Russell and killed him in cold blood out of revenge. Mark spent two years in prison and is now out on parole. When Mark’s neighbor is dismembered and murdered in her apartment by a serial killer known as “the cutter,” Mark tries to track down the cutter even though Mark is no longer a cop. Mark’s ex-partner, Mike Nelson, and the new head of homicide, Aaron Lester, tell Mark to stay out of it, but Mark can’t. Mark learns from snitch Paulie Segona that Edward McDonald, AKA Eddie Mack, sells date rape drugs similar to the one the cutter uses to immobilize his victims. Mark strong-arms Eddie into providing a description of the cutter. Eddie kills Paulie for telling Mark about him, and Mark is blamed for Paulie’s murder. Mark cuts a deal with Aaron and Mike. He promises to act as a target to lure Eddie out of hiding, and also to help the detectives find the cutter. Mark follows the cutter to Sara Clarke’s apartment, and Aaron and Mike are about to arrest Augie Norton as the cutter when Mark is shot once in the back and once in the side with the same caliber gun that killed Paulie Segona. Augie escapes and teams up with Eddie Mack. Mack kills Mike Nelson and Mike’s entire family as revenge for Mark beating information about the cutter from Eddie. Mark tracks down Eddie Mack and injects Mack with a lethal dose of fentanyl when Eddie tries again to shoot Mark. Meanwhile, Augie Norton returns to Sara Clarke’s apartment to dismember Sara, and only the injured and hunted Mark Wynn can save her. But Mark is an ex-con on parole, and if he even touches a gun he will go to prison for the remainder of his twenty-year sentence. Mark steals a gun and a squad car from a police officer. Will he be in time to save Sara? Or will Sara die the same way Mark’s wife and daughter had died?

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