Executive Control

“What happens when Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes meet Dr. Frankenstein, Superman, and The Flash?”


A Brief Synopsis of Executive Control by Paul Dale Anderson

Psychologist Dr. Bill Kelton rewires the brains of Larry Eden and Jack Maguire into enhanced superminds and programs Eden and Maguire to become super-assassins for the CIA. One of the advantages of having a supermind is the ability to play out an infinity of possible scenarios in one’s mind’s eye simultaneously. Ordinary minds work sequentially and can’t handle more than seven—give or take one or two—possible scenarios at any given time. Ordinary minds take forever to work through all of the possible scenarios by only examining seven, plus or minus two, discarded improbables before going on to examine the next seven at a time. But enhanced minds utilize seven to the seventh power times more brain power than ordinary minds. A man with an enhanced supermind is always at least ten steps ahead of everyone else.


One unforeseen side effect of a supermind’s hyper vigilance is paranoia, and Kelton, Eden, and Maguire eventually see themselves as enemies instead of allies. When college student Amanda Miller and FBI special agent Sam Neely are caught in the middle of the conflict, Jack rescues Amanda and takes her with him as he battles both Eden and Kelton and attempts to hide from Neely. Can an ordinary man like Sam Neely stop the killing before it escalates into all-out war that destroys the CIA and kills everyone within miles of Washington, DC? Will Jack and Amanda survive to live happily ever after?



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