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Claw Hammer
Daddy's Home
Meat Ceaver
Axes to Grind
Pinking Shears
Pinking Shears
Running Out of Time

The Instruments of Death Series by Paul Dale Anderson (Police procedural/forensic science Novels)

  1. Claw Hammer – first appearance of Detective Sergeant Carl Erickson and Pathologist Marsha Wade. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.

  2. Daddy’s Home – first appearance of Detective Tom Wesley. Set in Willow Woods, 30 miles from Riverdale, Illinois.

  3. Pickaxe – first appearance of Homicide Lieutenant Troy Nolan, Pathologist Sally Brightson Nolan, Rat, George, and Detective Andy Sinnott. Killer is same Edward Moore from Pinking Shears. Final appearance of Captain Carl Erickson and Marsha Wade. First appearance of State Police Sergeant Dave Mullins and FBI Special Agent Lester Cartwright. Troy Nolan marries Sally Brightson at end of novel. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.
  4. Icepick – Captain Troy Nolan and Sally Nolan are on their honeymoon. Andy Sinnott has been promoted to Lieutenant and made Head of Homicide. Rat and George are also major characters; first appearance of fire investigator Larry Miller. Appearance of Dave Mullins and Lester Cartwright. Introducing Linda Davis. Introducing Lorraine Evangelista. Sequel to Pickaxe. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.
  5. Meat Cleaver – Lieutenant Andy Sinnott, Captain Troy Nolan, Pathologist Sally Nolan, Criminalist Linda Davis, Detective Del Conklin. Introducing Connie Kelly, Andy’s love interest and new homicide detective. Lorraine Evangelista killed. Sequel to Icepick. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.
  6. Axes to Grind – First appearance of Merritt County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Edmonds (Police procedural with supernatural elements). Prequel to Woodchipper. Set in northern Wisconsin.

  7. Pinking Shears – Carl Erickson has made Lieutenant, and Marsha Wade is Deputy Coroner. First appearance of Edward Moore as psycho-sexual serial killer. Development of relationship between Carl and Marsha. Sequel to Claw Hammer and prequel to Pickaxe. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.

  8. Sledgehammer – Homicide Detective Del Conklin and Coroner’s Assistant Harvey “George” Fredriks (Pickaxe, Icepick, Meat Cleaver) track down a serial killer, known as “Mr. Aces and Eights,” who smashes bodies with a sledgehammer and steals victims’ hands as trophies.It isn’t easy growing older. Del, a recovering alcoholic, is almost fifty. George is over seventy. Can they successfully match wits and physical strength with a serial killer half their age?
    And what if there’s not one serial killer on the loose, but two?
    And what if one is a professional mob hit man who meticulously plans out his kills so he can’t be identified and won’t ever be caught?
    If you liked Stephen King’s Mister Mercedes, you’ll love Sledgehammer!
  9. Jackhammer -- Part of the Instruments of Death series, Jackhammer builds from elements in Pickaxe, Icepick, and Meat Cleaver. Rat and George join detectives Andy Sinnott, Troy Nolan, Connie Kelly, Rich Pearson, Del Conklin, and state police lieutenant Dave Mullins, plus FBI Special Agent Lester Cartwright and a team of federal investigators, in a search for dismembered bodies buried beneath the streets of West Riverdale. Bob Irwin wants to cut a deal. Irwin says he knows where the mob buried dozens of bodies. Irwin promises to tell all in exchange for immunity from prosecution and forgiveness of penalties and fines the IRS impossed on Irwin's illegal and unreported transactions. Can Connie and Andy keep Irwin alive long enough to unearth all the bodies? Can Andy stay alive himself? Bob Hunter and Bro team with Andy, Connie, and Arnold to sniff out clues, and Forensic Pathologist Sally Nolan calls upon the expertise of forensic anthroplogists to help solve the mystery.
  10. Crowbar --- Troy Nolan and Andy Sinnott. Sequel to Meat Cleaver. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.
  11. Woodchipper – Troy Nolan and Sally Brightson Nolan meet Merritt County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Edmonds (from Axes to Grind). Set in Merritt County, Wisconsin.
  12. Boxcutter – Troy Nolan and Andy Sinnott. Sally Nolan, Connie Kelly, and Linda Davis. Sequel to Crowbar. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.
  13. Tire Iron – State Police Lieutenant Dave Mullins (Pickaxe, Icepick) and Captain Tom Wesley (Daddy’s Home). Set on expressway connecting Riverdale and Willow Woods.
  14. Screwdriver – Andy Sinnott, Connie Kelly, Linda Davis, Del Conklin, Troy Nolan, Sally Nolan, George, and Rat. Set in Riverdale, Illinois.

  15. Cigarette Lighter – Riverdale Fire Investigator Larry Miller; Homicide Lieutenant Andy Sinnott; Captain Troy Nolan and Pathologist Sally Nolan; Set in Riverdale, Illinois.

  16. Pipe Wrench – FBI Special Agent Lester Cartwright investigates a serial killer who crosses state lines. Appearances by Andy Sinnott, Troy Nolan, Tom Wesley, and Dan Edmonds.

  17. Nail Gun – Andy Sinnott, Troy Nolan, Sally Nolan, Linda Davis, George, Rat, and Connie Kelly.  Sequel to Pipe Wrench.

  18. Straight Razor – Captain Tom Wesley and Lieutenant Dave Mullins of Illinois State Police track serial killer from the Illinois state capital in Springfield to Chicago area. Killer uses straight razor to kill politicians. Appearances by Andy Sinnott, Troy Nolan, Lester Cartwright, Connie Kelly, and Danny Wesley. Sequel to Daddy’s Home and Icepick.

  19. Pitchfork -- Sheriff's Deputy Dan Edmonds investigates serial killings in rural Merritt County, Wisconsin.  Is there a serial killer loose, or is this the work of the Devil?

  20. Smack --Rat receives multiple calls at the 911 center. People ae dying all over Riverdale tonight from drug overdoses. Deputy Coroner Sally Nolan and George, Sally's lab assiatnt and Rat's best friend, are overwhelmed by the number of bodies piling up in the morgue awaiting autopsy. Andy and his team investigate. Are these overdoses accidental or deliberate? All hell breaks loose when the mayor's wife dies of an obvious overdose. Is anyone safe in Riverdale from this most insidious of all Instruments of Death?

  21. Tomahawk  -- Lester Cartwright joins Dan Edmonds in tracking down a serial killer who scalps his victims.

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