Hard-hitting horror novel by Paul Dale Anderson

Homicide Detective Del Conklin and Coroner’s Assistant Harvey “George” Fredriks (Pickaxe, Icepick, Meat Cleaver) track down a serial killer, known as “Mr. Aces and Eights,” who smashes bodies with a sledgehammer and steals victims’ hands as trophies.

It isn’t easy growing older. Del, a recovering alcoholic, is almost fifty. George is over seventy. Can they successfully match wits and physical strength with a serial killer half their age?

And what if there’s not one serial killer on the loose, but two?

And what if one is a professional mob hit man who meticulously plans out his kills so he can’t be identified and won’t ever be caught?

If you liked Stephen King’s Mister Mercedes, you’ll love Sledgehammer!

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