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New Second Edition of Abandoned, the first book inthe Winds series of Supernatural Thrillers, coming soon.

Supernatural thriller from the mind of the master of the macabre

First Edition from Eldritch Press in 2015.

Publication date: March 1, 2015.

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Synopsis of ABANDONED


Title: Abandoned

Author: Paul Dale Anderson

Type of work: novel

Genre: horror; supernatural fantasy; contemporary action thriller

Length: approximately 120,000 words

Themes: Powerful forces are constantly at work, deliberately hidden from everyday perception, and they control human lives. When certain men and women meet, magic happens. We all live many lives, some remembered and some forgotten.


David Davis is a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army who specializes in human intelligence gathering. When Dave uncovers a plot to disrupt electronic communications and destroy the electrical grids of civilized nations worldwide, all hell breaks loose to keep Dave from interfering with a global conspiracy to end life as we know it. Davis and eight reluctant companions—a former Army Ranger turned ruthless hit man for the conspirators; a former Marine named Jon Fish who turned into an unemployed drunkard after the sudden deaths of his mother and brother; Mike Cleary, an FBI Special Agent and family man; Bill Porter, an electrical engineer; Debra Johnson, an Army Intelligence Analyst; Anamarie Noble, a computer systems analyst; and two Tibetan monks who have mystical powers—join forces to restore order in a world gone mad. Not only is the whole world thrown into chaos and darkness by the lack of power and communication, but Iran has nuked Israel and America cannot respond because strategic weapons systems are now completely disabled by an insidious computer worm embedded in their operating software.


Yan Khawa Garpo is a People’s Republic of China General. Yan is also the reincarnation of Yama, an ancient evil who was once worshipped as the god of death in both China and Tibet. Yan, with the help of a former Speaker of the U. S House of Representatives, has mobilized backwoods militiamen to take over American cities and spread fear and panic. Yan and his own eight companions are truly monsters who feed on fear and feed literally on the hearts and minds of innocent people. Though supernatural in appearance, there is a rational explanation--both within the mythology of Tibetan Buddhism and the science of quantum mechanics--for everything that happens. This is a story that works on multiple levels simultaneously.


In order to win this epic battle between ancient adversaries, Dave and his companions must first battle their own greatest fears. Davis must overcome his fear of fire, the Ranger must overcome his fear of snakes, Deb must vanquish her fear of insects, Mike must overcome the fear of losing his family, Jon must overcome his chemical dependencies, Bill must learn to love, Lokesvara must overcome the limitations and frailties of age, and Phut must conquer death. Even Yama comes face to face with his greatest fear before the story ends.


Set in the ordinary town of Rockford, Illinois, the seats of power in Washington, D. C., and Beijing, and in the majestic Meili Snow Mountains of China and Tibet, Abandoned is more than a horror story. It is also an action thriller, a contemporary romance, and a modern myth. Many of the characters are derived from world mythologies, and readers may recognize archetypes of some of their favorite heroes and villains: the Lone Ranger, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, along with Manjusri and Samantabhadra, the boogeyman, Angra Mainyu, Ah Chuy Kak, and Babalu.



Paul Dale Anderson Bio


Paul Dale Anderson has written more than 17 novels and hundreds of short stories, mostly in the horror, fantasy, and science fiction genres. Paul has also written contemporary romances, mysteries, and westerns. Paul is an Active Member of SFWA and HWA, and he was elected Vice President and Trustee of Horror Writers Association in 1987. He is a current member of International Thriller Writers and a former Active Member of MWA.


Paul has taught creative writing at the University of Illinois at Chicago and for Writers Digest School. He has appeared on panels at Chicon4 and Chicon7, X-Con, Windy Con, the World Horror Convention, and the World Fantasy Convention. Paul was a guest of honor at Horror Fest in Estes Park, Colorado, in 1989. He is currently the chair of the 2014 HWA Stoker Awards Long Fiction Jury.


Paul has been an editor at 2AM Publications, Morningstar, and several major medical publishers. He was a book reviewer for Fantasy Review, and his articles have appeared in Mystery Scene and other genre publications. Paul served as a Chief Warrant Offer in the U. S. Army Reserve from 1966 to 1987, and he wrote policy and procedural manuals for the U. S. Army. He was a civilian budget analyst for a major USAR Command, and he managed major airport hotels in Chicago and Atlanta, Georgia. Paul is a retired librarian and he currently teaches psychology, hypnosis, and NLP at a community college. He is a Board Certified Hypnotist and a National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Instructor.


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